Our Mission

To educate our community, including the youth, on how to grow and maintain a garden of their very own. We will focus on not only growing but how to prepare healthy meals from what is grown. Our educational classes will explain the entire journey from a seed all the way to your dining table.

We are here to provide service to others by providing a location to learn, practice and increase awareness of growing quality food and how to prepare fresh food for your family through educational programs. We will provide direction in order for the neighbors within the community to learn lifelong skills and grow their own personal gardens at home. We want to increase a sense of community and encourage positive pride within the community of Desert Hot Springs.

The Desert Hot Springs Rotary Community Garden’s location is on the lot at Two Bunch Palms & Susan in Desert Hot Springs, CA. We have hosted three fundraising events, a comedy show, an organic food and wine tasting party and a family oriented spaghetti dinner, which have not only raised money but also community awareness. With funds we collected through the Al Horton Memorial Foundation, we have installed the water meter and have the lot cleaned up and ready to build.

We look forward to starting the building and planting process in September 2015.